The Last Celtic Angel  - "Spirits From The Past" By Wallace Jan Ecklof
About the Author:

           Wallace Jan Ecklof grew up in a one square mile honky-tonk community on the Jersey shore, and graduated high school in 1965 during the height of the Viet Nam War.
            He started working as a Roller Derby skater, a lobster man, and then a cowboy in South Dakota for two years on a horse and cattle ranch.  He then attended college studying for a degree in business and literature. His father wished him to follow in the path of other male family members and work for Prudential Insurance Company, while his mother wanted him to pursue something scholarly in Art or Literature.
            Being married while still in college and the birth of the first of three sons, Shawn, Shannon, and Patrick put his college career on hold: His need to support his family would mean the pursuit of literary interests would have to wait.
           He worked in retail and insurance, obtained his real estate license then managed a large real estate office in Middletown, N.J. for twelve years. During this time his marriage ended in divorce
.          A new chapter emerged in his life.  Wallace ran into his childhood sweetheart who encouraged him to pursue his real calling, writing and his intense love of animals. He then remarried and decided to take a chance and purchased a small bankrupt pet store in Red Bank N.J. He used his education in literature and love of animals to write interesting ad copy and his company soon became a small chain.  The company extended from New Jersey to south eastern Florida and in 1988 he relocated to Palm Beach County, Florida.
         Wallace retired in Nineteen Ninety Six. Since arriving in Florida he had been involved with and was a contributor to Horses for the Handicap and experienced what these big beautiful animals could do for people with disabilities, especially children. It was at this juncture in his life that the inspiration for the Last Celtic Angel came to him. Observing  people with physical and emotional handicaps training with horses, plus his years as a ranch hand and a life long love of everything equine all combined to inspire his writing.
         For twenty five years Wallace lived in Boca Raton and Wellington, Florida, where he honed his equine skills and later by competing in the many horse events held in one of the nation’s top equestrian areas.  With the demise of his wife in 2006 he then returned to New Jersey, where he now resides.