The Last Celtic Angel  - "Spirits From The Past" By Wallace Jan Ecklof


        The story centers around two protagonists, one is a woman facing a mid-life crisis and the other a man with supernatural abilities that time seems to be standing still for. They deal with issues in today’s society like, children in crisis, loyalty, faith, friendship, fidelity, immigration, parenting, and family values.
       The main character in the book, Deanna Gaynor,  a woman approaching forty. A proud single mother of two teenage children,who is trying to hold everything together for her family. She is on a quest of self-discovery, a need to prove her self-worth, and financial stability,while seeking fulfillment both personally and professionally.
       She is an honest journalist, on assignment for an upscale magazine who seeks the truth and uncovers secret after secret, that's held by nearly every resident at Rancho de Los Angeles including its owner, James Doyle. The Ranch lies in the very heart of one of the richest equine communities in North America and home to America’s National, and International Horse Shows held in Wellington, Florida. This ranch is the gateway to a multimillion dollar development plan, but it’s not for sale not at any price.
       Deanna’s personal story is one, which includes an issue that is both poignant and challenging in our society today, our children are in emotional crisis! Katie, Deanna’s daughter, attempted suicide and eventually becomes a student of James Doyle’s unconventional therapy at Rancho de Los Angeles.
       Sides are drawing for what could be an all-out war; bringing politicians, corrupt investors, society blue bloods and old money against one man who is standing in their way. One man defending his ideals and dreams, his only weapons, unseemly mystic powers, unlimited wealth, political influence and his engaging personality. All of which he brings to bear in the upcoming life or death struggle for not only his survival, but for all that he holds dear.  
       Deanna also finds out a secret about her own past. Her well-being and the personal lives of four young teenagers are tittering on the brink of destruction. The plot thickens as corrupt land developers and deadly killers stalk them in one of America’s wealthiest playgrounds with deadly results.
      The conflict reaches a critical point as she must decide whether it’s her job to expose what she discovers about Doyle, a man with no past, or keeping silent and hope that he can save her daughter from a complete emotional meltdown. Her decisions are made even harder because the welfare of so many others depends on him to help them with his mystic talents and ground breaking therapy.
      Her search for her own identity leads her on a road to finding common ground with her daughter, and trying to keep from falling in love with the man whom she’s been assigned to expose. She must either prove or disprove what could be one of the largest criminal land frauds in the United States.